A Rav Challenge: Spin your Scraps

Perfect diversion for me. Scrap heap spinning. Oh. I collect scraps. So…I joined this group on Ravelry, and set about laying out a nice fat pile of scraps. We are aiming for 2 oz of fiber. Yardage…unimportant. Skinny yarn. Fat yarn. Whatever. Two ounces. No problem. So, there in the studio, on the daybed…a nice pile of scraps. I went out of the room to grab my camera, and when I returned…


the muse herself, Artie, had made herself comfortable. And isn’t that appropriate? So, I worked around her. I sorted the fiber by color, to see if I had a full palette…and by jove…


White Gulf Coast locks, corrie roving, and a lone lustrous mohair lock, Border Leicester locks dyed with marigold, with goldenrod, with sumac, natural brown Gulf Coast locks, a hunk of brown alpaca, a hunk of brown llama, a teeny blob of black alpaca, some indigo dyed Gulf Coast, some overdyed Gulf coast, green cotton, and finally some pokeberry BL, and coreopsis and marigold dyed Gulf Coast. And Artie.


The handcards were charged with a variety of fiber. This card has (L – R) brown alpaca, natural Gulf Coast, coreopsis dyed Gulf Coast, sumac dyed Border Leicester, natural Corrie, and natural brown Gulf Coast.


This is 1/2 oz of rolags (carded fiber) in a variety of colors. I continued on until I had a 2 oz pile of rolags. So, now…I am ready to spin. If Artie, la muse, will just let me near my Fricke!