february w o o l work


l-r: alpaca/gulfcoast, “hyacinth” corrie/mohair, “rosa” alpaca/gulfcoast, “wildberry” corrie/mohair

Here are a few yarns that have sprung from the Fricke of late. Yes, I know. Look at the colors. Yes. I know. I found a bag with a bunch of old acid dyes. I tried em out. They still work. Lots of purple. Oh well. I’ll live. I did use plant dyes too. The yellows – look for yellow/yellowgreen/yelloworange – are from the jar of turmeric Denise M gave me. A mason jar full.

Yesterday, I dyed. One pound of the mohair blend roving. Last night, I spun half of it. Today I knit and felted. So…for this post…let’s look at “hyacinth.”

Hyacinth? Well…here’s the handpainted roving…you can’t see much of the turmeric…but there were some nice chatreuse spots…


And here it is split and fluffed…


And spun into 2 2oz bobbins of soft fat singles – 182 yds altogether.


Enough for…a felted bag! Ah! or Ha! As the case may be.


Here’s the bag, freshly knit.


And here it is, stuffed with plastic bags, drying.

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