Inspired by that colorful BFL top from Spunky E, I decided to make a tweed from a variety of textures and colors that were, well, starting to accumulate on the oriental rug. After scooping up locks and bits of rovings and snippets of yarns, I started blending on the ol’ Howard handcards. Realized halfway in to the project that the yarn was looking a lot like Artemis, aka Artie J Catt.

So, as she napped on the chest that I use as a spinning chair, I took a few pictures. Here she is saying…”Yarn, shmarn, that’s not my idear of a t-t-t-treat, Mom. But, lookit! Lookit, Mom! Idn’t this worth some fish paste?”


This is 2 oz and 106 yd of Yartie Yarn. It’s a blend of Gulf Coast, Mohair, Alpaca, Corriedale, and Shetland. It’s all either natural or naturally dyed…with the exception of a couple smidges of that turquoise blue BFL from the Spunky E top.

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