Florida Cherry goes to Baton Rouge


Here’s a (too) soft focus shot of a cherry bottom whorl Hogie sold in my etsy shop. This one was rubbed with tung oil before being sent to Baton Rouge to a woman whose dog ate her last spindle. Here’s hoping Fido doesn’t have an appetite for bamboo and cherry.




Inspired by that colorful BFL top from Spunky E, I decided to make a tweed from a variety of textures and colors that were, well, starting to accumulate on the oriental rug. After scooping up locks and bits of rovings and snippets of yarns, I started blending on the ol’ Howard handcards. Realized halfway in to the project that the yarn was looking a lot like Artemis, aka Artie J Catt.

So, as she napped on the chest that I use as a spinning chair, I took a few pictures. Here she is saying…”Yarn, shmarn, that’s not my idear of a t-t-t-treat, Mom. But, lookit! Lookit, Mom! Idn’t this worth some fish paste?”


This is 2 oz and 106 yd of Yartie Yarn. It’s a blend of Gulf Coast, Mohair, Alpaca, Corriedale, and Shetland. It’s all either natural or naturally dyed…with the exception of a couple smidges of that turquoise blue BFL from the Spunky E top.

Bright Highway













When I bought my Fricke from Spunky Eclectic, I was sent a 4oz hunk of BFL top handpainted a la “Route 66.” Not exactly my style, this acid dyed wool, but, for a little spinning practice, I say…what the heck. By the time the 4oz was spun and plied, my hands were getting that oookey feeling that comes from exposure to stuff I don’t like to touch. Sure is pretty though. This worked out to 414 yd…19wpi. Here’s a close-up…


Home Invasion


Heard this clumping out there on the steps. Guess who. That’s Sally and Holly, aka The Ladies. They were coming to check out the new additions…the 25 RI Red chicks who are  living in a converted dog crate on the porch. Not that they like hanging around with chickens. They just like chicken feed. Pity the poor chicken who doesn’t see The Ladies comin’! See those horns? Well.