New Yarns New Knits

So, this spinning wheel thing has me workin’ away.  Here’s a shot of some pretty 2-ply Border Leicester…it’s listed as Rosy Sunrise on my dovesroost etsy store.


This is 3oz – 70yd of heavy silky soft mmmm…

I’ve been selling fingerless gloves at the farmers market too. So I put a couple pairs in the etsy store. Here are some striped guys. I make them of natural cream or brown Gulf Coast Native too.


These are knit from handspun that was handdyed with a variety of plants…marjoram, annatto, and there’s some of that little ol’ cochineal bug in there too. Natural cream and natural brown Gulf Coast and some brown Gulf Coast plied with auburn alpaca rounds out the handspun.

One thought on “New Yarns New Knits

  1. I love these gloves! They have a happy home with me now.
    They are great for milking my dairy goats when it is cold outside.
    Great craftsmanship!

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