Not a Chainsaw

The newest member of the family is a yet unnamed Fricke S-160. Tuesday, the busiest day of the week, Mr UPS brought la Fricke to the gate. I’ve been trying all kinds of things. Gawsh. It’s been so long since I’ve had the occasion to sit at a wheel. I’ve just evolved into a spindly old gal.

That said…this little ol’ machine is providing me with a ton of fun! At least a ton!

Here are some pictures of what I’ve been doing…


The top skein is a mohair blend 2-ply 11wpi. I spun 2 skeins of that yarn, one  3 oz that came in at 126 yds and a 3 1/2 oz skein of 148 yd. That yarn, Speckled Hen, weighs 60g and is 70 yd.

The bottom skein is a totally scrunchy springy yarn. It is a 2-ply Gulf Coast – cream and brown, with a few slubs of jet black alpaca thrown in for good measure.


Here’s the fiber I used for the next experiment. The yellow orange on the left is Gulf Coast dyed with marigold, the orange is Gulf Coast dyed with coreopsis. The tan is Border Leicester dyed with sumac. The lemon yellow is Border Leicester dyed with goldenrod. Center rolags are a blend of the two Gulf Coast colors.


This is a bobbin with 2 oz 28wpi Gulf Coast blend spun from those golden rolags.


After spinning another 2 oz of singles of the Gulf Coast blended with the Border Leicester, I plied the two together, and came out with 3 3/4 oz, 228 yd, 19wpi of this fine golden yarn. It has not yet been washed, but I expect it will bloom. That Border Leicester grows a nice halo.

So…I’m getting to know this little ol’ Fricke. One piece of delightful trivia…the spinning wheel carries a guarantee…the wheel is warranteed for the life of the manufacturer. Isn’t that great? Love it. Thanks for the good work Mr Fricke!

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