Holly & Sally Weather the Storm


Miss Sally hasn’t been this clean since she was two weeks old. Even her ears are clean. Quite amazing. Here she is, rummaging around on the ground looking for chicken feed. She sure loves chicken feed. Who wouldn’t. We feed the birds an alfalfa and corn mix. Out of the frame, but never far away, is Holly, Sally’s twin sister. The rain did wonders for their fleece. Well, on their backs, that is.


The girls had their hair parted down the middle by the rain. This is Sally. There’s a picture of her buttery yellow fleece down below. Well, she sure does clean up good. Anybody who thinks you need to scour in hot hot water with detergent is just plain mistaken. Without all the dust, boy, this is one soft fleece. The tips are not hard, by the way. Very nice indeed.


Here’s my dirty girl. Luscious.

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