Up a cotton plant


This little ol’ tree frog found an odd place to sleep. This was one of those 6:30 AM just gettin’ light and the mist is still twisting in the pines kind of morning. I had just fed the chickens, and was checking to see if any of the green cotton bolls had popped. And there he was.

For the record…I picked my first green cotton today. It’s REALLY green. Gorgeous.

3 thoughts on “Up a cotton plant

  1. Where do you live that you are lucky enough to be able to grow your own cotton.
    And what a nice picture too. Love the little frog. Almost didn’t see him at first.

  2. We live in NoFla, and have a pretty long growing season. We’re planting our winter gardens right now. But the green cotton is still being picked. Only about 10% of the bolls have popped, so far! Where are you, Lois?

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