Pick a bale of cotton

Does this look soft? I said, does this look SOFT? Well, it is really really soft. This is the first cotton of the season, picked from a big fat wide open Peruvian Brown cotton boll. There are 8 seeds per “finger” – and there are, as you can see, 4 “fingers.” I expect that the rest of the bolls will be following suit soon.

The green cotton in the lower field is still blooming, but the bolls are bigger and there are more per plant than on the brown. Pretty exciting stuff, I must say. Cotton is a beautiful plant, and this fiber is just awesome!

2 thoughts on “Pick a bale of cotton

  1. Sweet! I have wicked envy. Mine are still growing. We had such a strange wet season that I don’t think my bolls will open until October. Ours are about shoulder high and all still blossoming up at the top. I know that is the magic signal for the bottom ones to start opening. I am so happy your crop is doing well. As to yield, I get 3 dishtowels out of a plant (on a commercial warp), sometimes more. 3 plants would give a shirt. Not worsted, but finer, of course.

  2. Wow! I wondered about yield. I had read somewhere that it took a field 20′ x 20′ to have enough cotton to make a shirt. Three plants! Woo hoo! Now, I guess I need to add LOOM to my list.

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